• Mark Andresen

    Mark Andresen

  • Andy Coombes

    Andy Coombes

  • Luke Coyle

    Luke Coyle

  • Kevin chelski Rolph

    Kevin chelski Rolph

  • Tatiana Petrache

    Tatiana Petrache

  • Jennifer Maxwell

    Jennifer Maxwell

    Live in Italy / noise sensitive /lost my eternal soul mate to cancer /apolitical /Truth /anti Agenda 2030 /anti Sustainable Development Goals /ANTI GREAT RESET

  • Dave Levy

    Dave Levy

    Brit, Londoner, innovator, economist, Labour, privacy, cybersecurity, traveller, father, - mainly writing about UK politics, https://linktr.ee/davelevy

  • Pete Gregson

    Pete Gregson

    Edinburgh-based, with 30 years activism in Labour, fired from the Council for whistle-blowing on a scheming Council officer; now employed again. Campaigner..

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