If you circulate the idea you deeply mistrust the state or voice the opinion feminism along with other -isms may have been hijacked.. people will generally treat you as a conspiracy theorist. A conspiracy theory is nothing unusual in practice. In criminal law, conspiracy is a very common occurrence.

Time Magazine’s financial columnist Justin Fox writes:

Some financial market conspiracies are real …

Most good investigative reporters are conspiracy theorists, by the way.

Historically, many conspiracies were proven to be true. Watergate. Savile.

However. Its application has become a tool of staining dissident thought. The state does bad things. Sometimes very bad things. Savile. Bad, bad, things, harboured by a respectable institution — the BBC, for many years; people who raised a finger to speak about the evil were fired or silenced. There you go. Conspiracy. Proven true. Such is the scale and deviousness of this, that people should be permanently prepared to accept now that even outlandish “conspiracy theories” might be true when it concerns the state.

I assume, unless you have been living under a rock, that you’ve heard about the CIA leaks of March 6th. The breadth, scope and powers that CIA has been allowing itself are truly the stuff of sci-fi dystopian movies. Yet it is all true. Now your TV can spy on you. Your vacuum too. And your phone provider, manufacturer and every tech company along the way is CONSPIRING to implant technologic backdoors under state pressure so that all you dream, write, text and photograph is now the property of CIA. The leaks show stealth control of cars, for instance, developed with the aim of untraceable assassination. You’re most likely not even in the US. But CIA has life and death powers over you. And a plethora of tech tools to know every little thing about you.

It takes a particular flavour of gullible dimwit to trust that this extreme asymmetric type of power won’t be used for evil or against you in any way. Or that your freedoms aren’t completely violated like this for a solid reason. I.e., the state lying to you.

Recently unclassified documents I read on the zerohedge website show black and white evidence of CIA strategizing the concept of conspiracy theory to discredit criticism or scrutiny of the government.

What irks me with people who dismiss conspiracy theories is the naive belief in the progressive human nature. Have you watched Shakespeare? Seen what power does? What makes you think the resorts of power have changed since? We are in a post enlightenment world? Really? Have you heard about nuclear bombs? Is that progress in the direction of peace, or…a technological progress that gives corrupt power godly scope? Have you heard of Iraq? Look up George Galloway’s documentary “the Killings of Tony Blair”. That’s the modern state. Labour even. That’s who you’re defending. Good night.

So what I have to say ladies and gentlemen will be an old fashioned conspiracy theory against feminism. Based on what contemporary feminism is achieving, I’d say it’s clear it’s not working for women or the large mass of society; but rather it furthers division, creates tension, undermines gender relations, discriminates blatantly and aggressively against minorities, and degrades the debate.

Evidence 1: Gloria Steinem, household feminist, worked for the CIA. There is a youtube video of her talking about it. Until the 70s, she would openly discuss this. As her prominence grew, this fact was concealed. She is part of the team behind the Womens March in february. Large scale display of cosplay feminism and vagina clothed activists. Achieved anything? No. Be careful about your CIA manufactured authority figures.

Evidence 2. SWERF. I was a fan of Julie Bindel until I entered dialogue with her on the topic of SWERF: sex work exclusionary feminism. Or, attempted to enter polite debate; because she blocked me. I was trying to call the lady’s attention that in the first world many sex workers are quite happy with their form of employment, which is quite high paying, independent and flexible. Sex work of course, includes many types of sexy jobs: from erotica writers, strippers, cam girls, burlesque divas like Dita von Teese, all the way to escorts and dominatrices. The dominatrix especially is a paradox in the face of pretend feminism: here’s a dominant woman who does what she wants and charges for it; yet the feminist fascists want to force this woman into office wage slavery, in the age of what is otherwise celebrated as liberal western times. I am prepared to ignore the influence of Bindel and her kind; but merrily grazing along socialist paper Morning Star when I found the International Womens day supplement; wherein lay two powerfully and misguidedly anti sex work articles by Anna Fisher and Rae Story. The former is proposing the Nordic model of sex work laws, which semi criminalizes sex work. Completely ignoring the vast sector of consensual, business minded sex work that is not even prostitution, let alone street based, they imagine a society where you’re only respected as a woman if you don’t make money out of a biological function that is, more or less, the reason we exist in the first place. The convenient, biased and illogical mass generalization of sex work as tragic trafficking is completely delusional and masks a preoccupation with virtue signalling; sort of a reinvention of prudish christian morality, through the lens of exploitative neoliberalism. Why let this group of entrepreneurial women earn a living as independent self employed operators, with the ensuing freedoms, when they can be coerced into low wage slavery for corporations that drive the planet into ecological disaster. Pardon me if I think these meek attempts at moral politicking are in fact serving the gangrenous exploitative economy of the western societies, i.e., the opposite of their declared goal.

What’s more, policies focused on one segment of the population as opposed to the whole, unrepresented and disenfranchised working class, ends up serving the division. I find it hilarious that you seek to achieve equality by emphasizing the difference and asking for preferential treatment in a system where the lower classes are equally, indiscriminately ..oppressed. The ideology that all men have it better and women are crushed in the west, is outrageously unrealistic. The vast inequality of tory britain has no time for gender differences: look at the disabled, ill, pensioners, young, poor. It is the disenfranchised and vulnerable that this economy oppresses. among that, half of them women. But if you really want to fight the Labour cause, and achieve a just fair society, shouldn't the focus be on the difference between the rich and the poor rather than …woman and man? There may be vestigial female discrimination in Britain. Domestic crime definitely seems to affect women disproportionately. I would suggest the opposition treats this as a serious issue. But it’s definitely, unfortunately, NOT the major issue we have to fight in this country. It seems to me like men and women are in shit together in Tory Britain. And they’d gain far more from fighting together than focusing on how the men have an infinitesimal superior layer of shit.

Twitter is full of dire misandric social justice warriors whose slacktivism is aimed at fellow pauper men. The poor men have no responsibility for political frameworks; they’re just as victimized. The end result of contemporary social media feminism is intellectually discrediting women in the eyes of men; alienating potential allies; wasting everyone’s time. this is not dissimilar to the conservative plot of blaming the immigrants for something the banks and the corporate state have done: defraud the nation. If everyone is busy blaming their cell mates, the real perpetrators go unpunished. And that’s a pivotal reason for my suspicion that as it exists, feminism has been bitterly, cynically hijacked into a tool of more oppression. There is no room for gender bickering; we, the working class, are all oppressed. We have much more to gain from unity than division. The powerful seed the conflict through informational tools developed since the 70s. If you have the time, please look up Cointelpro. The deep state’s methods of infiltrating left groups are known and unclassified; common knowledge. Yet somehow, the contemporary application of these principles, that since the 70s, only gained more momentum, finance and power from the state, is met with ridicule by the fellow leftie. After this week’s CIA leaks, how do you argue with any ounce of credibility that the CIA do not operate in a large scale deceitful manner? if they infiltrated and destroyed the Black Panther from within, what makes you think they haven’t done the same with feminism? Have you heard about Bernays? He used feminism to sell cigarettes. Your righteous desire to stand for vaginas is used to keep you and your fellow man economically enslaved.

I dream of a world where not just women, but men and trannies together, have freedoms once more and free time. I dream of a world where real causes get the public attention, and twitter insults don’t get people censored; but economic injustice makes people’s blood boil. I’ve seen feminist women let a fellow woman starve, and be humiliated by her poverty; they said she deserved it. But then swiftly defend a middle class woman’s honor on twitter against slightly offensive words from unknown people. That’s not an ideology of substance; that’s now the justice I need. I need a new, logically sound, deeply fair, human ideology. Not for the easily hijacked sensibilities of the middle class woman; for the stomach churning unjust fate of the poor human.

Heretic omega transhumanist. Everything is politics.