The Party needs to answer for what happened in 2016; we can’t progress unless the undemocratic measures are called for and redressed.

it’s all bread and circus

Everytime I go to Labour meetings, the disturbingly placid tone of conversations and choice of priorities clashes violently with the urgency of the situation outside. I know they SAY they fight the Tories, but is that the only fight? Surely the right wing of Labour is so massively, desperately anti Corbyn that that’s the first obstacle to regaining democracy. And being anti Corbyn means being anti NHS, anti people, anti peace, pro austerity.

Like there’s an elephant in the room: this odious summer, purge, coup? We have a snake in our midst!! How is it we’re not addressing this: how masochistic to just say no but let’s not discuss nasty stuff, we want to be nice. But what they did to you and your party?! Turn the other cheek, to your oppressor?

This socialist mentality is about getting together for a good time, nice protests, virtue signalling …not about getting stuff done. They wanna do stuff but that it doesn’t take more than two hours and not on weekends, they have Greece vacays and ski trips and whist evenings to attend. I mean they claim they love Marx: he talks about Revolution! Or do they mean revolution like a fancy cocktail at that place with the hammer and sickle on the door? Oh no, I know what: they mean posturing. They appropriate the language and aspirations of socialism, the genuine anger of working class movements, but don’t wanna give up the comfy lifestyle. Okay, get Labour in power, but no, not during my Sunday Bake Off ! “Can we schedule the power take over around my housewives’ book club calendar?”

“And that we don’t tackle anything using unpleasant words like “corruption” etc because that’s unpleasant. We want to have fun here, attract people not alienate them by confronting the monster ghost of the odious summer of 2016 for Labour to cleanse the party and restore democracy!!”

But it was atrocious. We are lucky WE survived the purge; maybe we should question why we did: not hardcore corbynistas enough? Because that’s what last summer was: an unnecessary coup that sabotaged the leader, a media smear campaign against him (UN-FUCKING-ELECTABLE?? Man’s a superstar, seen his rallies?), his own MPs betraying him, shadow blairite control, a disgraceful purge of thousands or more of labour members for silly reasons just as a desperate attempt to cut down on the Corbyn vote; and at Conference, illegitimate takeover to rebalance the NEC in favour of the McNicol and Watson elements in the party. Really, when the party does this to you, how can you possibly sit put in your bench and say let bygones be bygones. This ain’t democratic. This is a fascist takeover. Let’s not rest on laurels because Corbyn got re-elected. Even if he gets in Downing St., he doesn’t have his MPs behind him, nor the NEC, post conference NEC snatch.

Short history of NEC coup: CLPD campaigned to elect a pro Corbyn 6 member slate this summer. Democracy won. Control of NEC by a pro Corbyn majority, small but vital triumph of Labour democracy. The next fightback move from the anti corbyns/progress / blairite / right wing faction was a rule violation to add two more unelected members to the NEC to redress the balance to the right wing, all caught on camera.

I call on Labour members to focus on passing motions regarding this at their local BLP.

This is the model.

Don’t know what there is to be done about the PLP. But taking back the NEC by democratic means is our last resort to get control of the party and minimise the influence of the right wing that betrayed the party this summer, damaging the party’s image.

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